The Giovanni L.A Hold Hair Spritz is my mum-hairs new best friend for a number of reasons. I’m gonna go ahead and dive right into why I love this stuff!

  1. For a busy mum like me with a adorable but demanding baby, it’s perfect for controlling my messy usually knotty and unwashed barnet. It’s great for adding a little hold, brushing back those millions of horrendous broken hairs which we will now call baby hairs (but in reality it’s just from all of my hair breaking and falling out – yay) and making myself look a little bit more presentable.
  2. It’s doesn’t flake. Because it’s light hold and doesn’t flake it means I can still manipulate my hair the following morning to style it without looking like I have dandruff.
  3. It doesn’t have too much hold. Now you may be wondering why this is a plus. Basically because I don’t get to wash my hair often, if the spray had a lot of hold, I’d probably have rock hard hair the following day. But because it’s a light hold spray it means I can still manipulate my hair the following morning to style it.
  4. It’s cheap! For a natural product, at £8.99 for a bottle which has lasted me 6 months and I still have a third of the product left, it’s a really good deal. I use this almost every day so it being so affordable is another positive.

To sum up, if you’ve got fine hair, messy hair, hair that’s falling out, dirty hair or don’t get time to wash your hair often, the Giovanni L.A Hold Hair Spritz is a good one to have in your bathroom (or wherever you store your hair products).

Aliya xoxo