Happy New Year everyone! If your new years resolution involves some self love, I’m going to show you 5 great ways to take care of your hair using the new Boucleme Revive 5 Hair Oil. 

Using oil for braided hairstyles

Add a little oil for some control, slip and shine for sleek braided hairstyles.

Braided curly hair can get a little messy especially when it’s day 2 (or more) hair.

Adding oil gives you some slip for for detangling hair which allows you to braid easily.

Braiding is also a great way too disguise adding treatment to your hair which takes me to my next point…

Pre-shampoo treatment 

Using an oil on your hair before cleansing your hair is a great way to give your hair some TLC. Curly hair can get particularly dry. Massage a few pumps of the Revive 5 Hair Oil into your scalp to promote the hair growth because healthy hair starts at the scalp.

You can also be heavy handed and apply some oil to the ends and leave it on for at least an hour before washing your hair. I like to leave mine in over night.

DIY Hot Oil Treatment

Taking the previous tip up a notch, heat some of the oil up in the microwave gently (be careful not to burn yourself with hot oil). Then apply it to your hair for a DIY hot oil treatment.

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Locking in moisture before diffusing hair 

Diffusing your hair can take away moisture if you use more heat.

Try smoothing over your damp hair with the Revive 5 Hair Oil before diffusing to lock in moisture and add shine.

Smoothing over to reduce frizz and pump up the shine

Smooth over a pump of the Boucleme Revive 5 Hair Oil after adding your stylers to lock in moisture and shine and reduce frizz.

Make sure your hair is still wet/damp for this step.