Hi! Hope everyone’s been enjoying the weather. Summer is definitely my favourite seasons; I’m certain have a case of seasonal affective disorder lol. As we are in the warmer months I definitely like a healthy tan (who doesn’t?) without sun damage, so today I’m going to review the Green People Self Tan Lotion. This was one of my first green purchases (at the time my priority was being tanned clearly) and I still stand use it today.

How it applies

This is an organic self tan lotion which is aimed at all skin types. It is always advised before self tanning to exfoliate so I make sure that I do this every time before I plan on using the Green People Self Tan Lotion. I’m sure you could use this with self tanning mitts. It’s probably more sensible because sometimes I forget to wash my hands after applying self tan and I am left with Snookie hands.

Having said that I do not get any streakiness with this self tanner. It gives off a very natural and subtle looking glow so if you’re expecting to go from 0-100 in one application, close the door now . I have to apply at least once every 3 days to build up to my preferred shade which is for when I don’t want to look…well “fake” tanned. Building up fake tan is pretty standard for those with medium-deep skin tones. I am on the hunt for something with a little more colour with nice clean ingredients so if anyone knows of any self tanners, holla at me!

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Development time and how long does it last?

It takes about 3-4 hours to develop and show up after you have applied it. The product does come out white, so if you prefer a product that has an obvious guide, this may not be the one for you. The tan lasts for about a week until it starts to fade and it does fade really nicely with no patchiness.

What is the consistency?

This self tanning lotion is very moisturising. When you pump it out of the bottle you will notice that the consistency is very thick, almost like a body butter. I still moisturise before using this anyway because I am a moisturising freak. On top of my strange obsession for moisturising, I feel that it applies better when your skin is pre-softened. However I’ve used it before without moisturising and it came out just fine. It contains rosehip oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, sandlewood oil and rose geranium oil. The ingredients are way better than previous self tanning products that I’ve used like the Loreal L’Oréal Sublime Self-Tan Body Lotion which previously used to be my holy grail self tanning lotion.

Any dreaded fake-tan smell?

Onto the smell! It does have a slight scent, although I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. The smell is not as strong as most self tanning lotions which leave you with that strong biscuit smell and the smell does not last as long so I’m ok with that.

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How much is it and where can I get me one?

For 200ml of product it usually retails for £21 but you know I’ve always got the best deals for you. Dolphin Fitness are currently selling it for £13.95 and The Wellbeing Network are currently selling it for £15.75 – both include Free Delivery. The product lasts me ages because I use it more when the sun comes out (ironic), no more than twice a week. It really helps prolong a natural tan.


The only con has to do with the packaging. This is not something I have experience yet myself but I have seen a lot of people wishing that this came in a squeeze tube bottle instead of a pump. This is because apparently you cannot get all of the product out of the bottle so Green People, if you’re reading, c’mon guys, squeezy tube packaging please! But apart from that I love it.

**UPDATE** After speaking to Amy at Green People (hi Amy!), she has kindly explained to me about the choice in packaging;

“The pump mechanism we use is much more efficient at reducing waste than a squeezy bottle. The pump bottle contains an inner piston that rises up as the product is pumped out, and which is moulded to be an exact fit with the base of the pump to ensure that no product is wasted.”

So really, there’s no con LOL!

The Final Verdict

Overall I really like this product; it lasts a long time and fades really nicely. It gives me a lovely healthy glow and I can get away with mixing this in with my moisturiser and using it on my face. Although this is more expensive than your usual drug store self tanning products I think this is really worth of for the cleaner list of ingredients and you can always get this on promotion to save some £££.

Until next time!

Aliya xoxo