Hi guys! This week I thought I would tell you my secret DIY on getting baby-soft feet. We take care of our skin and groom our hair but our feet often get neglected. We put weight on our feet just by standing on them for however many hours in the day and most of us never really think to give them some attention. I’m going to share a quick routine that I have been doing for years but I have recently updated with a more “natural” approach. I usually like to do this before bed because it is great way to pamper yourself and relax. I’ll be using my little brother my model for this tutorial so let’s dive into it!

You will need:

What to do

  1. Create your own foot bath by filling a bucket full of warm soapy water. You can either use shower gel or castile soap. Currently I’ve been using Skin Blossom Cleanse and Nourish Body Wash to create a mini bubble bath for my feet. green beauty, green living, soft feet, diy soft feet, skin blossom, organic body wash, clean beauty,
  2. Soak your feet for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  3. Once you’ve taken your feet out of the water, use a damp wash cloth to rub off dead skin (which has now softened) from your feet. diy foot bath, soft feet, how to get soft feet, dr brokers, green beauty
  4. Whilst your feet are still damp, massage on an oil of your choice to your feet. I love to go all our and saturate my feet in the oil or moisturiser of my choice at this point. You can use any oil you like whether it is coconut oil or olive oil. Egyptian Magic Cream would be a good option because it is so effective in making your skin soft. Shea butter would also be really effective because it is so rich and moisturising.

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    We’ve chosen to go with the Egyptian Magic Cream this time

  5. Wrap your feet in plastic bags and wrap them up. This will help retain the heat and moisture.
  6. After 10-20 minutes I remove the plastic bags and my feet are softer than ever.
  7. Optional: Last but not least, I like to take a few drops of lavender essential oil and rub them to the soles of my feet. Essential oils really absorb through your feet really well because our feet have some of the largest pores on our body. Some say that it only takes 20 seconds for the essential oils to absorb through our feet and for us to feel the aromatherapy benefits. I like to use lavender essential oil because really helps you relax.egyptian magic cream, diy foot bath, natural soft feet, baby soft feet

I promise you after this you will have the best night’s sleep! We are on our feet all the time and there is constant pressure on our feet that they deserve a little T&C. It is the best way to help relax and wind down before bed. If you start prepping your feet now for summer you will have pretty healthy looking feet that you won’t need to be embarrassed about! What are your tips for baby soft feet? Comment and let me know!

Aliya xoxo