Hi guys! Keeping with the theme of coffee this week I am bringing you a post on how to make your very own luxury coffee scrub. This can be used on both face and body. There are so many coffee scrubs out there on the market and a lot of them cost an arm and a leg and contain a lot of harmful ingredients and plastic micro beads which are harmful to wildlife. This scrub takes less 2 minutes to put together and it really makes me excited to use it.



coffee scrub

  1. In a bowl or container mix together two table spoons of coconut oil, one table spoon of coffee, one tea spoon of sugar and one tea spoon of cacao/cocoa powder. Bing bang bosh. You have your own coffee scrub.
  2. Take a good whiff. Smells good right?
  3. Once you are bath or shower, scoop some of the mixture out and rub onto your skin in circular motions to exfoliate your skin and wash off. Be a little gentler with the rubbing motion if  you plan on using this on your face as sugar is a rougher exfoliant.

coffee scrub, exfoliant, natural body scrub

This will leave you with the most baby soft and supple skin you have ever had in your life. I was so surprised at how smooth and silky my skin was after this that I didn’t actually need to moisturise after my bath because all the moisturising ingredients were locked into my skin.

I usually have some left over which I store in the fridge. The coconut oil will reverse back into solid state but once you scoop some out and rub your hands together it will quickly loosen up.

Skin benefits of coffee

coffee, body scrub, coffee scrub, coffee exfoliant

  • coffee is a rich source of antioxidants which makes it amazing for brightening skin and fighting off free radicals which are all around us (i.e. pollution particles which are very damaging to our skin)
  • slathering your skin with antioxidants helps protect and boost our skins natural protective barrier which is our bodies first line of defence from bacteria, viruses and fungi that are constantly landing on our skin
  • caffeine is amazing at protecting us from UV carcinogens which helps us ward off skin cancer
  • caffeine is good for lightening dark under eye circles
  • lymph fluid in the eye area drains very poorly; caffeine helps remove water from this area which is why eye creams with caffeine in them as a active ingredient are effective in brightening and de-puffing eyes
  • whilst coffee is not so good for taking internally it is really great for our skin, increasing collagen production which in turn generates healthy cell growth
  • using coffee as a scrub promotes blood circulating which gives us lovely energised skin and increases skin elasticity
  • not only is coffee a great physical exfoliant, but the acid in coffee makes it a really good chemical exfoliant
  • it also helps reduce signs of ageing, prevents clogged pores and softens lines


Skin benefits of Sugar

sugar, sugar for skin, brown sugar, sugar scrub, sugar exfoliant

  • likewise to coffee, sugar is not so health to eat but does wonders for the skin as it is a natural source of glycol acid which aids new cell production
  • it is great for reversing signs of again
  • it is a great exfoliant helping get rid of dead cells that can make your complexion appear dull and rough
  • sugar scrubs help soften the skin

Skin benefits of cacao or cocoa powder

organic cacao powder, cocoa powder, cocoa for skin, cacao for skin,

  • cacao is a really great mood booster (no wonder we love chocolate) having a bath with this scrub uplifts my mood instantly
  • it’s packed with antioxidants which also helps fight off free radicals and repairs the skin
  • it also boosts collagen production which helps the skin repair itself and tightens the skin
  • it is a lovely and luxurious feeling soft exfoliant
  • the omega 6 fatty acids in cacao help heal wounds and scars
  • surprisingly, it has a good amount of vitamin C and magnesium which also helps protect the skin

Skin Benefits of coconut oil

organic coconut oil, coconut oil, coconut scrub,

  • coconut oil is high in vitamin E which makes is super moisturising and great for skin growth and repairing the skin
  • it is moisturising which makes it great for dry skin and great for softening the skin
  • coconut oil prevents premature ageing and wrinkling

All in all, this coffee scrub is a dream to work with. It has such a luxurious feel making a really invigorating experience out of bath time. At the risk of sounding like a TV ad, this coffee scrub smells so great you would almost want to eat it! This is one of the products that I refuse to dish out money on just because I can make scrubs at home really inexpensively and really easily using ingredients that I have stocked in my cupboard so why not give it a go?

I’ll be back next week with another post!

Aliya xoxo