Hi guys! This week I’ve got a different type of post for you. This time I’ve got an interview with Laurie, the founder of the Natural Deodorant Co and a mini review. I met Laurie a few weeks ago at Clean Cult and she is just the sweetest. It’s so nice meeting the face behind a brand and knowing that they are just normal down to earth people that are selling good, honest products that are good for you and are good for the Earth.


Honestly, I never thought I’d really care for a deodorant that costs £11 – it seemed a little excessive to me but it’s the best natural deodorant I’ve ever used.

There are 3 different collections; The Clean Deodorant Balm, The Gentle Deodorant Cream, and The Active Deodorant Balm. I was sent one of the Clean Deodorant Balm’s and even the consistency of this is unlike any other natural deodorant I’ve ever used. It is a creamy balm and doesn’t require me to heat it up in my hands before applying. It’s the perfect combination of ingredients – too much baking soda can really irritate my skin and I know a lot of people have this problem. No one wants burning pits. If you’re uber sensitive there is a Gentle collection which is free from baking soda. I know that Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol uses this and swears by it. I may even try The Active Deodorant Balm when I finally get my ass into working out.

Natural Deodorant Co

The Clean Deodorant Balm comes in Lemon & Geranium, Vanilla & Manuka, and Lavender & Chamomile. I was kindly send Vanilla & Manuka and to be honest I didn’t think I’d be a fan – they’re not my typical scents but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Paying for delivery is always annoying but I’d pick it up from Naturismo to avoid paying delivery. Also I probably don’t need to mention it because I mention it alllll the time but Naturismo often have discount codes so I’d look out for that to get some money off. If you find that you’re not sensitive you can probably get away with buying a cheaper deodorant like Hippy Paste.

Let’s get to know Laurie

I didn’t ever consider it as important but it’s really interesting to get to know the brains behind the brand, especially when they are local brands. Meeting Laurie at Clean Cult, we had a little girl-talk and got to talking about kids, Instagram, haircare and of course deodorant. And let me tell you, pictures don’t to Laurie justice. She’s a beauty!

Aliya: So Laurie, tell us your story…

Laurie: My journey into the world of natural and organic products began around 9 years ago when there was a much smaller selection of products to choose from. I was a total product junkie working in the beauty industry, and one day I just threw everything out of my bathroom cabinet and started looking for natural alternatives. I gradually found body products, skin care & make-up that I loved (my favourite places became Neals Yard & The Organic Pharmacy in Covent Garden) but every deodorant I tried let me down. It led to me having to carry the deodorant with me, or on ‘special occasions’ resorting to using regular deodorant because I couldn’t risk smelling bad. Eventually I decided to make my own…and now here we are! Who knew cooking up my own deodorant would lead to such an adventure! 
Aliya: What were you using as deodorant before you started The Natural Deodorant Company?

Laurie: Well, before I really started playing with formulas I was just scooping a bit of coconut oil out of the jar and mixing it with a bit of bicarb, as I had heard bicarbonate of soda was a great deodoriser (it really is!). The problem was that it was messy and a bit time consuming, standing over the bathroom sink trying to both melt the coconut oil and pour the exact right amount of bicarb out of the pot! It did work but it wasn’t easy to travel with, and in cold weather coconut oil is hard to work with which is why we now blend ours with shea butter and olive oil. I tried a lot of spray deodorants but for me personally they never lasted past an hour.

Aliya: Today, there are quite a few natural deodorants out there. People are making that shift towards healthier deodorants. What makes The Natural Deodorant Company different from all the other natural deodorants on the market?

Laurie: I’m so proud of our line, and one of the things I love most about it is the fact that we have the three formulations. Very early on in The Natural Deodorant Co. journey I discovered some skins just can’t tolerate bicarbonate of soda, and so we created a beautiful soft creamy formula using magnesium and clay. We now have Active Deodorant Balm which is perfect for sport and high activity days, Clean Deodorant Balm which is great for everyday use and Gentle Deodorant Cream for sensitive skins- or people who can’t tolerate bicarbonate of soda. We use a lot of organic ingredients which is obviously great for our bodies AND great for the planet. I also love the way our packaging looks. I chose for it to be very minimal and clean, and I think it looks gorgeous on the bathroom shelf! Can you tell I’m passionate about this company?! 😀 

The Natural Deodorant Co Clean Deodorant

Aliya: Why do you think it’s important for us to choose natural deodorant?

Laurie: Most antiperspirants work by blocking the sweat glands with aluminium salts, and I think a lot of people assume you can just wash those off at the end of each day but you can’t. Once they are plugging the glands, they can stay in there for some time. I think it’s really important that we allow ourselves to sweat so I choose to use natural deodorant because I don’t want to block my sweat glands with chemicals everyday, but I do still want to smell totally fresh. I started using natural products all those years ago for the same reasons- we don’t definitively know whether the chemicals used in most deodorants are safe, and so I prefer not to have those things in my body.

Aliya: Would you say it’s more important for mothers over any other type of person, to use natural deodorant?

Laurie: I know a lot of breastfeeding mothers choose to switch to natural deodorant because of the fear that their regular deodorant will make its way into the breastmilk, which is completely understandable. But I honestly believe natural deodorant is just as important for everyone. (Aliya: I hope you’re all reading this part!) 

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Aliya: Now for the fun questions, tell us your favourite 90’s song.

Laurie: Either Good Riddance by Green Day, or Born Slippy by Underworld. Or maybe Live Forever by Oasis.

Aliya: What’s the most recent exciting thing that’s happened to you?

Laurie: Booking a city break with my girlfriends- the first time we’ve been away together in about 15 years!

Aliya: Your favourite unhealthy snack/meal?

Laurie: Pizza or Indian takeaway food (Aliya: *swoons at Pizza)

Aliya: If you were to have a super power, what would it be and why?

Laurie: The power to tidy Lego away using only my eyes. (Aliya: LOL it’s a bitch to step on Lego)

Aliya:  Favourite TV show?

Laurie: Friends

Aliya: Your favourite part about Autumn/Winter?

Laurie: Crunching through leaves on woodland walks, dark nail polish (Kure Bazaar Scandal, at the moment), hot chocolates and movies at home, fog in the mornings…everything!

Aliya: Your least favourite part about Autumn/Winter?

Laurie: Losing my summer tan. (Aliya: Amen)

Aliya: Name a natural product (besides your own) that you can’t go without.

Laurie: My John Masters haircare is irreplaceable. The Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner is AMAZING.