Hi Guys!

I’m back this week to talk to you about the my new Water Bottle Bae which is the EAU GOOD filter bottle from the brand black+blum. As you know I am obsessed with making sure I drink plenty of water; it’s the easiest way to detox and keep me free of any illness and colds that usually get to everyone this time of year. My friend Charlotte recommended this to me and I have become obsessed. So much that I’ve put aside my Bobble Filter bottle and opted for this one. It’s basically uses traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal to filter the water and the water really does taste so clean and crisp.

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When I saw this online I thought it was a glass bottle but I was relieved to discover that it’s actually a high quality plastic that looks like glass – I’m clumsy and if it was made of glass I probably would have broken it by now.  The plastic is BPA free triton and the lid is made of cork. The binchotan active charcoal filter is what cleans the water and this lasts for 6 months unlike the Bobble filter which only lasts 3 months. After 3 months, you do need to boil the coal to refresh it to use it for another 3 months but what’s great is that after 6 months, the charcoal can be used for other things like deodorising your shoes, cat litter, nappy bin or laundry basket or you can also use it. Or you can add it to plants to help them grow or place it in a wardrobe to help reduce the humidity in the air (theres a bunch of uses listed on the packaging and the website). It also holds 800ml of water which is a decent amount, drink 4-5 bottles full a day and you’ve done your 2 litres.

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They retail for £14.95 and it comes with one charcoal filter. It may seem pricey considering it’s just a water bottle but it works out cheaper than buying bottles of water all the time. The coal refills come in packs of 3 for £12. If they last for 6 months each you only need to use 2 in a year. It’s a really good investment and they come in a range of different colours.

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I got mine off Amazon but you can purchase them from the black+blum website which also has a lot of useful information on how best to take care of your bottle. It also says that they will remind you on when to boil and replace your charcoal on the black+blum website which is a really nice touch. Overall really please with this!

Aliya xoxo