Hi guys.

After almost 7 months of baby baths, smelly nappies and touch-ably soft baby skin I’ve finally narrowed down my favourite baby skincare products. I’ve broken it down into categories and will try to give a cheaper alternative for each product because babies can just get hella expensive.

Best Body Cleanser

Hands down my favourite so far has been the Green People ORGANIC BABIES BABY WASH & SHAMPOO – SCENT FREE. They have a lavender scented one but I didn’t want to mask that delicious baby smell.

I love that this doubles up as a very mild and hydrating shampoo which makes it great for cradle cap.

It comes in an easy squeeze bottle which I much prefer over a bar of soap which no one wants to faff around with when theres a baby in the bath.

It and foams to a respectable amount and leave the baby feeling clean because somehow they manage to get so gunky and dirty under all those rolls – even when they can’t move.

It retails for £8.50 which is on the more expensive end for a shower gel I admit but when it comes to baby skin, I want to invest in the best for sensitive baby skin ensuring that there are no harsh chemicals getting to them.

Best Baby Oil

The nicest baby oil that I’ve come across has to be the Green People ORGANIC BABIES NURTURING BABY OIL – SCENT FREE.

It was a lovely luxurious feeling light oil which sunk into the skin and didn’t leave me with a greasy-ass slippery baby. Just nice plump soft and supple skin that I could eat.

It comes with a pump which I appreciate in this scenario over a squeezy bottle which almost always releases too much oil. It was great for cradle cap again. I used this stuff all over Ilyas, including on his face and have always been complimented on how he’s the worlds softest baby. Mummy points to me.

BUT this stuff is pretty expensive at £12 a bottle. I’d consider this a luxury product, especially because I bathe Ilyas every night so I’d run through this stuff like water.

Plain old Oive Oil, Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil work great as baby oils and get the job done at a fraction of the price.

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Best Baby Lotion

Without a doubt my favourite baby lotion would have the be the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion. It’s nice and thick but sinks into the skin. And best of all it has that gorgeous new baby smell.

I honestly found it so hard not to sniff Ilyas all night after putting this on him.

This usually retails for £8.99.

Best Baby Barrier Cream

Third time around Green People hits X marks the spot with their ORGANIC BABIES CALMING NAPPY CREAM.

What I like about their nappy cream over others is that it protects your babies bottom without leaving residue or horrible white pasty bum. I don’t know about you but I hate having that thick toothpaste like surprise left over for the next nappy change.

This cream is lighter and still protects that delicate baby bum and is easy to clean off.

This retails at £11. I didn’t have to use much nappy cream so this has lasted me till now but if you go through this stuff then a cheaper alternative which is still safe for babies skin is the Burt’s Bees BABY DIAPER OINTMENT which typically runs for £8.99 but is often on sale in Boots and Superdrug.