Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to share with you my favourite non-toxic vegan nail polish for Autumn!

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This is a quick impromptu post;I just had to share my new favourite nail varnish colour. I have been livinggg for this nail colour lately. It’s the 100% Pure Creamy Polish in Truffle and it retails for £8 but if you subscribe to the 100% Pure newsletter online, they always have lots of voucher codes and offers going on. There is a quite a lot of product in the bottle so I think it is reasonably priced considering it is a natural product.

If anyone has tried the top coat please do let me know if it adds extra staying power as I am definitely in need of this; I do not take care with my nails whatsoever!

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It’s a really pretty all year round shade. It’s a metallic dusty pink/mauve colour which I think will suit most skin tones and it’s non toxic. If you want to know the dangers of conventional nail varnishes, I have spoke about this in a previous post on Little Ondine.

If anyone knows of any good natural nail varnish remover please pleas please let me know as I am on the hunt for one and I would love to hear your opinions.

Until next time.

Aliya xoxo