Hi guys! Today I am going to give you my first thoughts on the Plume Science Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum which I was very kindly sent to review*. Plume Science were formally known as Nuva Lash so some of you may have heard of them. Basically the serum is a plant derived lash and brow growth potion which you are meant apply daily to you eyelashes and/or brows in the hopes of seeing some extra hair growth.

I know many of us girls are desperate to have naturally fuller brows and longer lashes (me included), especially those of us who over tweezed our brows to get those skinny 90’s brows (guilty!). Many women have turned to brow and lash growth serums in order to have those Gigi Hadid/Cara Delevigne brows, but not all of these enhancing products are safe. There are some really terrible horror stories about products that have burnt peoples eyes and skin and given them eye infections in the hopes of growing beautiful brows and eyelashes. When using products so close to our eyes it is vital that we are mindful of the ingredients. This is why the founder of Plume Science, Lauren Bilon created this serum; so we can all hopefully grow beautiful lashes and brows without the harmful and dangerous side effects.

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Bare lashes and brows at the start of using Plume

I was already in the process of growing out my eyebrows and eyelashes. I was using caster oil which has helped them grow hence why my brows in particular look so ugly at the moment. I am putting a hold on using caster oil at the moment to test out Plume Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum properly. I will review the progress after 4 weeks and if I have any product left, I will review the progress again further down the line.

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My caterpillar brows currently, without being filled in

Plume claim that their serum has a three-part-effect on lashes and brows which includes hydration (to nourish and hydrate the hair follicles from the root), longevity (prolongs the hair follicles growth phase) and protection (protects delicate hairs from environmental factors i.e. the sun). The ingredients are really good. It is made up of organic aloe vera, organic caster oil, vitamin E, honey extract, watercress and Indian cress and coltsfood flower, yarrow flower and Peruvian bark extract. The serum has nourishing healthy ingredients in it which hopefully shows through in a few weeks time.

  • Aloe vera has healing and moisturising properties. It also contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Caster oil also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is a well known oil used for hair growth with omega fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins.
  • Honey Extract is used for it’s moisturising properties.
  • Watercress and Indian cress can help hair product keratin which helps improve the strength and growth of your hair

This serum is not like an oily serum. It does not share the same thick and stick consistency as caster oil. It is really thin and watery and takes only a minute to dry. Unlike using caster oil it does not leave a greasy film which I can appreciate because it makes it suitable for daily wear. Before I started using this I was going to work every morning with greasy eyebrows from using pure caster oil which isn’t a good look.

plume science, nuvalash, green beauty, lash and brow enhancing serum, caster oil challenge, clean beauty, green beauty

So far the only con is that it retails for $95 (£65.69) which is pretty steep, including delivery to the UK I think it costs roughly £80 altogether. I cannot comment on whether I think this is worth it so far because I have only started using it. However considering the price point I think the packaging could be better; I expected a mascara wand-type of applicator but it is actually like a liquid eyeliner tip. This was a little strange to me when I first received it. I think maybe a mascara wand applicator or a spooley may have helped brush the product through my brows and my eyelashes. Apart from that I have got high hopes for the serum. I’ve heard lots of good things and seen positive reviews.

I will back in a few weeks to share my progress and give you a little more of an insight on how I got along with the product.

Aliya xoxo

*Disclaimer: I am sent products to review and test out on occasion but I always give my honest opinion