Hi guys.

Since I’m in the 3rd trimester now I thought it would be a good time to do a maternity must-haves post for any expectant mothers.

There’s things that I feel like are necessary to make these 9 months as comfortable as possible for you especially as you start to grow bigger.

Without further ado, here are my maternity essentials.

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My Maternity Essentials
  • Maternity Pillow – whether you opt for the U shaped pillow, or the C, or V shaped pillow it’s important to get one. I went all the way and got the U shaped pillow by Queen Rose from Amazon. But if you’ve got a double bed I’d recommend getting the C or V shaped one as it takes up less space (unless you’ve got the whole bed to yourself).
  • Cooling Pillow covers – to go with my maternity pillow I got the cooling covers to prevent me from getting too hot at night. Pregnant women are known to get hot easily and I deffo did. This summer I’ve slept easily without covers which is unheard of for me and this cooling pillow cover was so much nicer to sleep on in comparison to the soft velvety one that the pillow comes with by default.

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  • Belly Bandit – support for your bump is so helpful. A lot of women experience that their muscles tear from all the extra weight. I’m not sure if this is proven to help reduce this risk but it deffo helped support some of the weight. It reduced how severe my back ache was getting and helped take off the weight in the front. It’s really discreet and undetectable under my clothes. There are lots of options, some are at the pricier end but I picked the Belly Bandit Belly Boost from Amazon for £25 and it’s so good.
  • Wedge pillow – As well as getting a maternity pillow, a wedge pillow is really useful for supporting your bump in your sleep. The U,C and V shaped pillows are great for getting comfy but as you get bigger you will find they don’t fit under your bump to support you in your sleep. I picked up the Mothercare Wedge Support Pillow and this doubles up as a back support. I have three! One for work, one for my mums house and one for my house.

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  • Maternity Bras – spend a little money on maternity bras. Don’t think you can just go the next size up because you have no idea how much you will grow in 9 months. From 2 months onwards I was already struggling to fit into all my old bras. You will also want more coverage as your nips could be super sensitive and it’s absolute agony. I remember it feeling like a dog was trying to bite them off.  A lot of maternity bras now take you into the nursing stage so they double up. Trust me, real bras will aggravate you!
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My fav maternity bras are from H&M, La Redoute, Vertbaudet and I have some sleeping maternity bras from New Look. In the first trimester and part of the second I got away with just wearing bralettes. But if you get nipple sensitivity (and trust me it can hurt like a b****) maybe more padded options would be better

  • Maternity Clothes – whether it’s just a pair of jeans, some leggings or some tops, get yourself some maternity clothes if it makes you feel good. I know a lot of people say ‘don’t bother, it’s a waste of money’ and whilst I support that to some extent, why on purpose deprive yourself of clothing you may actually need and feel frumpy. It will ruin the experience. The only thing I really needed was some maternity jeans when it got to 5 months because the hairband trick was no longer working, maternity bras of course (as mentioned earlier) and some tops as all my tops. A lot of my vests and tshirts were no longer covering my belly and if I want to wear trousers or jeans, I don’t always want my belly out or the stretchy band of my jeans to show. I will say however, get basics that will go with everything.
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This maternity vest from Mamalicious is one of my favs. Buying a few good maternity staple pieces means I can mix it with non-maternity pieces to put together cute outfits.

  • Maternity/Nursing Pyjamas – this is thinking ahead slightly but if you’re planning on nursing it might be worth investing in a few pairs of nursing pj’s. Some of them double up as maternity wear which is the type I’ve opted for.  For a while you may just be home primarily and it’s gonna be messy, you’re gonna be uncomfortable when you come straight out the hospital and you’re just going to want PJ’s/lounge clothes.


That about sums it up for my maternity must haves. Your boobs, back and bump can thank me later!

Aliya xoxo