It’s time for some girl talk and I’m about to spill the tea on the first luxury line of skincare specially formulated and designed for your lady garden, The Perfect V.

I tested out four products from The Perfect V and I’m gonna give you my honest opinion on what I think is worth it and meh.

The Perfect V Essentials VV Cream VERY V 

This product is essentially a moisturiser for your vag. It nicely hydrates your lady bits giving you a perfectly smooth and silky soft vagine.

I’m sure a lot of mothers can relate to the fear of having their lady bits ruined by child birth but this cream has helped renew my lady bits leaving it looking as pretty as it was before a baby the size of a watermelon fired its way out of there.

If you suffer from ingrown hairs then the Salicylic Acid in this cream will help get rid of red bumps and the Sea Buckthorn soothes the delicate skin and helps fade any pigmentation. It also contains Lingonberry & Bilberry Fruit Extracts are anti-inflammatory and reduce redness.

This retails for £41.

The Perfect V Essentials Gentle Wash 

This is a pretty self explanatory product. It’s a gentle cleanser for your V. It claims to cleanse, tone and soothes your vagina (who knew it needed to be toned?). It balances the delicate skin’s pH balance and helps prevent in-grown hairs and red bumps which I can say that I have been free from.

It contains Peach Kernel Oil to soften, moisturize and tone. It also contains Rosa Damascena Flower Water conditions the skin and leaves a light fresh natural scent.

I really like using this and this might be my favourite product from the line. Leaves me feeling nice and fresh.

This retails for £19 and you use such a small amount that it lasts you quite a while.

The Perfect V Specialties Shades of V Very V Luminizer

This product is marketed as Mac Strobe Cream for your vagina.

For me this product gets a pass. First of all, who needs vagina highlight? I’m not a porn star and my vagina isn’t on show.

Secondly, it didn’t do much in the name of highlighting anyway.

This retails for £39 and isn’t worth it in my opinion!

The Perfect V Beauty Sheets

Initially I thought this was a face mask but for your vagina…so a vagina mask?

I was wrong. The Beauty Sheets are essentially cleansing wipes. I guess these would be useful for travel like maybe on a long haul flight?

I can only ever imagine reaching for these then as you can just wash and bathe at home like normal.

They retail for £14 for a box of 22 and in my opinion I’d just use a natural baby wipe. It’s cheaper and works the same.

To conclude…

The Perfect V has some beautifully crafted products for your womanly bits full of gentle and natural ingredients which won’t aggravate your vag or mess up it’s delicate pH balance.

The Perfect V Gentle Wash is the best product in my opinion and The Perfect V Essentials V Cream Very V is also a nice addition (although not necessary).

TMI but considering I cannot continue with my laser treatments (breastfeeding mum here) which in my opinion is one of the best things you can do for a pretty V, I’ve managed to maintain the prettiness using products from The Perfect V.

What I also love is the packaging. It’s so pretty and chic and does not scream FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS like Femfresh does.