Hi Guys. It’s that time of the week again and I have a review on the Queen Tea Cosmetics new Detox Box* which was launched 2 days ago. Quick recap about the brand, Queen Tea specialise in “skin food” products including tea body scrubs, bath teas and bath milks. If you can’t tell already the products are centred around tea; inspired by the indulgence of a lovely cup of afternoon tea. Tea has a many health benefits and natural healing properties.

What is the Detox Box?

Queen Tea Detox Boxes come in 3 options; Tea-Tox Detox (the cure), Morning Cuppa (pick me up), or Really Relaxing (the tradition). I was generously sent the Tea-Tox Detox by the lovely founder of Queen Tea, Jamilla (although I swear to give you my honest opinion). Before I even opened the Tea-Tox Detox environmentally friendly package I could smell the blend of eucalyptus and essential oils from the outside – I love strong scents. The Detox Boxes include two tea bags and one sachet of mini milk. For those of you that are interested the Detox Boxes are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Queen Tea Tex-Tox

The Queen Tea Detox Boxes are lovingly handmade; infused with organic and 100% natural ingredients. The Tea-Tox bath tea is made up of nettle leaf (which helps improve complexion and acne), hibiscus (full of anti-oxidants), rosemary essential oils (anti-inflammatory) and eucalyptus essential oil (helps muscular pain).  The mini milk is made of cocoa butter which contains vitamin E, oat bran which is great for relieving dry skin and itchiness, and nourishing non-fat dry milk.

At £10, the Detox Boxes have a really great price point. This could make a nice gift especially with Mothers Day around the corner. I’m sure all of our mothers would appreciate indulging in some relaxation time, afteroon-tea style.

How to use it

It’s really simple to use.

  1. Run run your bath as usual and pop one tea bag in the bath as  your water is running. Let it brew. Your bath will transform into a translucent green colour.
  2. Optional: Add two tablespoons of the bath milk for nourished skin.
  3. Get in the bath and relax whilst your skin soaks up all that goodness.

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How I got on with it

This blend was perfect for a week of feeling absolutely rubbish! It really was a “cure”. This was like a mini therapeutic spa all in the comfort of my own home. After a long week of spending way too much time in traffic (with my road rage), lack of exercise (which is pretty much always the case) and lack of me-time – this really helped drain out negative energy. I felt rejuvenated and fresh after stepping out of the bath. It was really nice to take an hour to indulge. And who doesn’t love a nice hot bath during winter? Not only was this physically great for my skin, but taking the time out to relax and take care of yourself is really good for you.  Even just taking the time out to drink cup of tea or take a bath. The less stressed we are, the less likely we will be to get breakouts and the less fatigued our skin will appear.

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The scent was not so strong once brewed. I am not so sure if this is the case with the Morning Cuppa and Really Relaxing options but you could always just add some essential oils if you prefer more of a scent.

Now let’s talk about the mini milk. The milk was realllllly nice. I think this may be my favourite part of the Detox Box. It was nourishing ad moisturising without leaving an oily film that you can get with adding oils to your bath.  I can tend to get dry and itchy skin after a hot bath (especially when I shave my legs) but this bath milk really made a difference. My skin was left feeling pure and baby soft.

If you would like to read a review Queen Tea’s Really Relaxing Detox Box, Georgia Adolpho has reviewed this option. Click here to read it.

The final verdict 

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Overall I got on really well with the Queen Tea Detox Boxes. I love that it comes with a two-step process. It’s a really nice touch that the bath tea has an accompanying milk. The concept is really cute and I think it would make a really good gift for yourself as well as other people. The price point is great, especially for a natural product which we all know can tend to be quite expensive. On top of that, we are constantly surrounded by so many chemicals and pollutants on a daily business that come into contact with our skin, so it is really nice to detox your skin from the outside as well as traditional forms of detox (i.e.green tea, green juices). Not only are bath teas great for detoxing the mind and body, but they also help to improve problematic skin and heal sore and aching muscles. They contain anti-oxidnants, anti-sepctic and anti-bacterial properties. Bathing in herbal blends and milk is not a new or foreign concept – Cleopatra was known for using lots of natural beauty remedies including bathing in rose water and milk, so why not bathe like a Queen?

Until next time, Aliya xoxo

*Disclaimer: I am sent products to review and test out on occasion but I always give my honest opinion