Hey guys, hope everyone’s well! I’m going to be reviewing some products from Red Apple Lipstick today. For those of you that don’t know Red Apple Lipstick are a gluten free and paraben free makeup brand from Texas. They ship internationally for those of you that would like to try some of their stuff. I was kindly sent some products to review from the lovely team at Red Apple Lipstick*.

Before we get into the review, I get lot’s of questions on why I opt for clean makeup brands instead of just purchasing conventional makeup if I don’t wear makeup all day long. We have to remember that makeup is full of toxins and known irritants; it only takes a matter of seconds for them to enter into our blood stream. Seconds! I have already spoken about why we should avoid MAC lipsticks in a previous post. This is not just specific to MAC makeup, most conventional brands contain harmful ingredients. Mercury is one of the preservatives found in mascara that is a know neurotoxin that is linked to allergic reactions and skin irritations. Mercury is very easily absorbed through our skin and can build up in our bodies. Lead is another neurotoxin that is found in lipsticks. Lead plays a part in the development of learning delays, autism  and other neurological issues for children and babies. If you are pregnant I would also advise staying clear of lead as it can even affect a developing foetus. There are many more horrible and dangerous ingredients in conventional makeup which I could go on about for ages, but these are just some of the reasons that I opt for clean makeup cosmetics like Red Apple Lipstick.

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I chose to try out Red Apple Lipstick in shade New York. New York is a nude peachy pink shade. The consistency of the lipstick is buttery so it glides on easily and gives off a satin finish. If I want a matt finish, I just dust it with some translucent powder and I’m good to go. A lot of the “clean” makeup brands  have very moisturising lipsticks but they often lack pigment. What’s good about the Red Apple Lipsticks is that it is moisturising and comfortable on the lips whilst giving off a lot of pigment at the same time. They last a decent amount of time on the lips, but I always find that I need to reapply my lip products if I plan on eating (which 99% of the time, I plan on doing) so I make sure to carry it with me when I am on the go.

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I find that I prefer this with a lipliner of some sort as it seems to be a tad too light for me on it’s own but on the plus side I can pair this with so many different lip liners to achieve different variations of this colour. Red Apple Lipstick have loads of different shades to pick from which I think is amazing; many of the natural brands carry very few and very basic shades (i.e red, hot pink, nude, nude pink, berry). I am thinking of trying out the shade Mayberry next. If anyone has any shade recommendations please comment and let me know. These retail for $23.50 (£16.53).

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Wearing New York alone, without any lip liner


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Red Apple Lipstick, New York paired with Jane Iredale Lip Liner in Nutmeg

I chose to try out the Yes You Canyon eyeshadow by Red Apple Lipstick. They have a good selection of pressed mineral eyeshadows that come as singles; you will need a palette or holder for these. Red Apple Lipstick have a twosie eyeshadow holder which obviously holds two eyeshadows and they also have their very own Z-palette, but I’m sure if you have your own Z-palette you can just pop it in there if you want! First of all, I am so glad that these are pressed; I hate having to buy loose powder products (which clean brands seem to have a lot of!); I’m clumsy and I am always on the go, me and loose powders do not get along.

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yes you canyon swatch, red apple lipstick, red apple lipstick review, mineral makeup, clean beauty, green beauty,

This eyeshadow was lovely and pigmented. Yes You Canyon is a matt warm brown with a hint of pink/red. It’s not the same colour you would get if you used your bronzer as an eyeshadow; it’s less orange than bronzer. This colour can be used as an every day colour; you can pop it in the crease for some definition or as an all over colour. It was really easy to blend and I am not an eye shadow person; I suck at eyeshadow and I found this really easy to use; cannot wait to fill up my Z-palette! These retail for $18.75 (£13.19) each. You can also buy ready-made palettes which is nice if you are not too sure what colours to pick out and these work out cheaper than buying lots of singles. Or you can create your own palette. When you create your own palette there you get the 4th and 9th eyeshadow for free and the 6th eyeshadow is half price!

Overall I am impressed with Red Apple Lipstick. They are definitely worth the hype! They sell good quality makeup; I would compare them to MAC but the cleaner version. The only con I have is not really anything to do with Red Apple Lipstick in particular; it is a bummer having to pay shipping if  you are from the UK. If I am being honest this does put me off purchasing from online stores outside of the UK but for certain brands I will make the exception.

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Aliya xoxo

*Disclaimer: I am sent products to review and test out on occasion but I always give my honest opinion