I’m back with a cool mum (Mean Girls Ref) blog post! I’m writing a review on the infamous Sleepyhead pods so if you’re a mummy-to-be or know of one, keep on reading.

Sleepyheads have taken over the market when it comes to baby shower gifts. They’re on every It-Mum’s Baby Wish List. The stylish pod is designed to hold your precious little bubba in so they can sleep (supervised), chill, play, be cute, blah blah blah. The Sleepyhead holds your baby in nice and tight so they supposedly feel like they’re back in the womb.

The Design

They’re nice and lightweight making it convenient to travel with or carry around the house to pop baby in whichever room you’re in. They have a little handle on so its easy to carry baby in one hand and the Sleepyhead in the other.

I love the fact that the Sleepyhead is customisable. The interchangeable washable covers come in lots different designs so you can switch it up when your baby pee’s all over the Sleepyhead (yes Ilyas has done this a few times). There is also side loops for adding a toy arch.

Zzzzz time

I found that Ilyas slept really easily in the Sleepyhead. We often had difficulties putting Ilyas to sleep in his cot because of his startle reflex. It drove me insane. But in the day he slept in his Sleepyhead a lot longer because it reduces startle reflex. I’m assuming that’s because it’s so snug and is designed to feel like being in the womb.

How useful was it?

I started using the Sleepyhead as soon as Ilyas was born. Partly because it was so cute and stylish and partly because we were staying at my mum’s house for the first 2-3 weeks.

My mum’s house has 4 floors and having the Sleepyhead made it really easy to have somewhere to put Ilyas down for without having to have a cot or a bouncer on each floor.

I can’t imagine having to run all the way to the top floor (where my room was) to change Ilyas every time he had a dirty nappy in the first week of having him. If you’ve had a baby yourself you know how delicate you feel in that first week and if I had to do that my body would be in absolute agony and the healing process would probably have taken so much longer.

It’s also a great place for him to play in. My son isn’t a baby that particularly enjoys tummy time but he does prefer tummy time in his Sleepyhead over just being on the carpet or a play mat.

How long will it last?

Supposedly the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ is suitable for us from newborn to 8 months. Ilyas is 3 month’s and is quite tall so I can’t imagine him being in it for 8 months. However the bottom does open up for taller babies.

Because they’re so popular and useful they also resell for good value all over eBay.

In conclusion…

Overall I think its a great multi-tasking product. Had I realised just how multi-tasking it was I probably could have ditched getting a changing mat altogether. I can see us taking it with us on holiday. It’s been a really useful tool in getting in some longer periods of me-time during the day because Ilyas slept so well in it with reduce startle-reflex. He was also really happy to chill and play in the Sleepyhead and I can pop him in the Sleephead on the sofa whilst making breakfast without worrying about him rolling off. It’s also free from phthalates and heavy metals.