I’m sure you’ve all been told how important water it is, whether it’s for your skin, your general well being or weight loss. Without knowing what water actually does for you, it can be hard to incorporate water into your life.

Although most of have been told to drink 2 litres of water a day, this isn’t an accurate guideline of how much water we actually need. This very much depends on your size, the temperature and how active you are. So for example if you are a small person, living in London, and are not very active you’d probably need less water than a larger, more active person living in Florida.

As a general rule of thumb, don’t let yourself get to the stage where you’re feeling thirsty. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Why is water so important?

  • Life sustaining
  • Water makes up more than half your body weight
  • Water is needed for every function that your body forms
  • H2o detoxes the body of toxins. Without water, your body can struggle getting rid of toxins so make sure you top up on your water intake if your doing a detox or having a massage.
  • It helps maintain your skins elasticity and supplments
  • The more water you drink the less likely you are to have lots of wrinkles
  • It hydrates your skin and prevents dry skin

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  • Water is great at aiding weight loss
  • The body’s systems including metabolism and digestion function effectively with the help of water
  • Water gives you the energy and hydration you need for exercise
  • It also helps your stay energised and alert
  • Prevents constipation – yay
  • Water actually cushions and lubricates your joints and muscles
  • Water carries vital elements, oxygen, enzymes, hormones and chemical messages to all parts of the body and transports nutrients into cells.
  • It also keeps cells hydrated

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Tips for upping your H2o intake

  • Take a water bottle with you everywhere
  • Make sure you drink a glass of water in the morning
  • Add fruit to your water if you find plain water boring. Starting your day with a warm glass of lemon water has so many skin and health benefits Read my post on why I start my day with lemon water

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  • Get a glass water bottle – it tastes so much better than drinking out of a plastic bottle. Drinking out of a plastic bottle can feel quite icky after a while. Plastic can also transfer toxins into water or food so it’s good to avoid this generally speaking
  • Team up with a water buddy – at work I was reminding my friend to take a sip of water every time I did and vice versa

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Eat your water

So unless you’re like me and drink an abnormal amount of water because it’s your favourite drink you might find it hard to have enough water.

You don’t necessarily have to rely on just drinking water – there are many water rich fruits and vegetables out there. Many of these fruit and veg contain a mixture of natural nutrients and mineral sales (electrolytes) which are more easily absorbed than water on its own.

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Some of the fruit and veg that have the highest water content include;
  • Watermelon 92% water
  • Pineapple 87% water
  • Spinach 92% water
  • Cucumber 96%
  • Apples and pears 92%
  • Strawberry 92%

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So to conclude, water really is the drink of life. It’s simple and humble but is vital for normal bodily functions, general wellbeing and healthy skin and hair. Although it may not be the most exciting drink, its definitely the most important beverage. Let me know if you have any good tips for keeping on top of your water intake!

Aliya xoxo